The fundamental element of the democratic system, it is the truth. (...) If there there not of honesty on behalf of those which play a part in the play of the institutions, he cannot be democracy. (...) - PIERRE MENDES FRANCE.

The desert relearns us the gestures naturally ritual, registered, even set up by cosmos. A man subjected to modernity and the concrete is stripped in such a world, if it rénégère not on the two essential levels which structure it vertically and horizontally: Earth and sky. The townsman is not any more the son of these two feeder elements. This eternal division between Matière and Spirit must cease, as this too widespread idea that the scientist is the first follower of this caesura. The Matter is animated by the Spirit. The rise of the life and that of the spirit are dependent. Certain individuals are carrying hope. Some consciences are able to resist the warlike tradition. A handle of resistant is not let domesticate by the general conditioning. The protestors, even if they are a water drop in the sea, touch people, open spirits. Theodore Monod, the researcher of absolute “

If there remain people in 200 years, they will not live a way which is ours today. I can predict it with confidence because if people continue to live in our way, there will be no more no human here in 200 years. ” “If there remain the human ones on ground in 200 years, they will know that humanity does not belong to an order of existing separated from the alive rest of the world. They will know it in a way as unquestionable as we know that the Earth turns around the sun. I can predict it with confidence, because if people continued to think that we belong to an order of existing separated, then it would not have there more the human ones on ground in 200 years. ” DANIEL QUINN

“It is not one of us who is not guilty of a crime: that, enormous, not to live the life fully. ” (H.Miller, Sexus)

freedom is not to do what one wants, but to want what one does - J.P SARTRE…

I liked the odor of the cord and the resin, and even that of the diesel gasoline. I liked the noise of water slapping the hulls, the whipping of the ropes against the mainmasts. These perfumes and these sounds were synomymes of freedom and life. ROBIN LEE GRAHAM, “the dove”.

“If the idea even of God took a palpable form, if God himself visible on the multitudes, the first duty of the man were drawn up would be to refuse the obedience and to treat it as the equal one with which one discusses, but not like the Master whom one undergoes”. Jean JAURÈS, (1859-1914), Speeches with youth, (delivery with the college of Albi, 1903)

the feet of a sailor never forget the bridge. The hands of a sailor never forget the ropes. The eyes of a sailor scan the horizon inlassablement. ANNELOU DUPUIS

There are three kind of men, those who live, those which die, and those which go on the sea. PLATO, (348 AV JC) the ocean is an extent wild encircling our sphere, more wild than the jungle of Bengal, and much peublée of monsters, sweeping even the quays of our cities and the gardens of our balneal residences. HENRY DAVID THOREAU.

“The friends of the truth are those which seek it and not those which are praised to have found it”. Condorcet

One returned my freedom to me! I dissolved in the sea, transformed into veil white and spray, I soothsayers beauty and rate/rhythm, moonlight and boat, starry vault! Deprived of passed or future, I belonged to this space of peace, of unit and of untamed joy, to something of good larger than my own life or than that of the man, I belonged to the Life very short! EUGENE O' NEILL;

Just like the music softens the muscles of a dancer, even at a advanced age, the noises of a ship give again desire for weighing the anchor and for leaving the ground behind oneself. ODILE DORMEUIL

the things are always reduced when they are said. Therefore silence is important. “No God answered forever the calls, the interrogations of the man. What it takes for answers, it is only the echo of its voice”. Roger MARTIN OF GARD (1881-1958), Thibault, Gallimard, 1922

Of what complain you? But precisely of what nobody complains - ANDRE GIDE (newspaper)

the chiefs are worth only what we are worth, and it is not them which improves the company, but each one while working to its own perfection - FRANÇOIS MITTERRAND.

“Overcome God becomes the devil of the religion which follows”. Pierre DOMENICA,

The Enquiry the fear of death is the single source of the religions - MAURICE MAETERLINCK

. It is important to think overall and to act locally - RENE DUBOS.

We did not fall into the arms from Gog and Magog while stumbling, we progressed in this direction. THEODORE ROSZAK.

“The thought starts only with the doubt”. Roger MARTIN OF GARD (1881-1958), general Correspondence, Gallimard, 1992

nature is the bank on which all accounts - cheques are drawn. - JOHN ASPINAL

And, what! Citizens, if it had been said to you, three days ago, that you would have reversed the throne, destroys oligarchy, obtained the vote for all in the name of the title of man, conquered all the civil rights, finally founded the Republic! And which Republic. Either a Republic like that of Greece or Rome, containing aristocrats and the plebeian ones, Masters and slaves! Not a Republic like the aristocratic Republics of modern times containing of the citizens and the proletarians, large and small in front of the law, people and a patriciat! But does a levelling Republic where it have there no more neither aristocracy neither oligarchy, neither large neither small, neither patricians neither plebeian, neither Masters nor ilotes in front of the law, where it has there one people made up of the universality of the citizens, and where the right and the public authority are composed only of the right and the vote of each individual, coming to summarize itself in one collective capacity called the government of the Republic and turning over in laws, popular institutions, benefits with these people from where it is emanated? - ALPHONSE OF LAMARTINE - the policy and the history 1848

“I am a fanatic lover of freedom, regarding it as the single medium in which can develop and grow the intelligence, the dignity and the happiness of the human beings; not of this freedom very formal, granted, measured and regulated by the state, lie eternal which actually never represents only the privilege of some founded on the slavery of everyone; not of this freedom individualistic, egoistic petty and fictitious preached by the school of J.J. Rousseau like by all the other school of the middle-class liberalism and which considers it saying right of everyone, is represented by the state like the limit of the right of each one, which leads necessarily and always to the reduction of the right of each one to zero (….) I hear this freedom of each one which far from stopping as in front of a terminal in front of the freedom of others, finds there on the contrary its confirmation and its extension ad infinitum; (….) freedom triumphing over the brute force, and the principle of authority which was never but the ideal expression of this force; the freedom which after having reversed all the celestial and terrestrial idols will found and organize a new world, that of interdependent humanism, on the ruins of all the churches and all the states”. Michel BAKOUNINE June 1871

Two things are infinite: universe and the human silly thing. But with regard to the universe, I did not acquire the certainty yet of it. - Albert EINSTEIN.

“It becomes essential that humanity Formula One a new fashion to think if it wants to survive and reach a higher plan.” Albert Einstein.

Optimism is the intelligence of the future. JOEL OF ROSNAY.

The world will be saved only by the unsubmissive people. - A.GIDE.

The sailors, it is funny even with ground they are on water - LEO FERRE

the wars stop when the arms dealers are too fatty to have the force to prevent the concrete merchants from taking their place. Cavanna

the nautical mile is a variable measuring unit. It corresponds to 500 meters for a port, with large loose by small time. It corresponds to 10 kilometers under a grain by wind upright force 8.

At the beginning, the sea is only one dream, almost a mirage with the eyes of the others especially which are unaware of that the dream is the essential engine of the action. - Turning GERARD JANICHON

“the large turning of the history will be the moment when the man will become aware that only God of the man is the man himself”. Ludwig FEUERBACH (1804-1872), the Gasoline of Christianity, (1841), Gallimard/Such, 1992

the sea will give to each man reasons to dream - CHRISTOPHE COLOMB

what I dreamed was impossible, but it was impossible for me not to dream more - LAURENCE INK

Thinkr, that can allow each one to become, for better or for worse, an inhabitant full, autonomous, whatever his statute. That, that is not hardly encouraged could not surprise. - VIVIANE FORRESTER.

“When once freedom exploded in a heart of man, the gods cannot anything any more against this man”. Jean-Paul SARTRE (1905-1980), the Devil and good God, Gallimard, 1951

“And of the sea itself it will not be question, but of his reign in the middle of the man….” - HOLY PERSIAN JOHN

not to let the universe carry on his road without us, to take care of our planet like a mother takes care on his child - VERONIQUE CHICA.

To allow our descendants to let mature front, in them, the leaven of complexity to work since the first times of the universe. - HUBERT. REEVES.

If you differ from me, far from injuring you to me me nouveau riches. ANTOINE OF SAINT EXUPERY

. Ageing, social impotence, disorder of the institutions, criminality, all is held, all is fully logical and all can change. The remedy is there, very loan, but it requires an immense effort of conscience, a major search for oneself, “deep” an alarm clock. Instead of France old people's home that we prepare, we must turn over to youth, see children dancing, create on the places and prepare our future. There are not two ways, only one. ALFRED SAUVY (1976)

But, from the study of infinitely small to infinitely large, from the study of the life to that of the conscience, a new vision of the man and world emerges. It takes to the opposite course to the deterministic vision mechanist and reductionistic a long time dominant. It is time to point out the fundamental intuition of all the cultures: there is another level of reality, beyond what we can apprehend by the scientific experimentation. - JEAN STAUNE.

Capacity, which mediocrity. JULIEN GREEN

the Third World, it is not only the poverty of mass, it is - to differing degree - the permanent victory of the forts over the weak ones, the reign of delirious ideologies, the priority given to the policy on the economy, with the hierarchy on the talent, the ignorance of the human rights, the absence of legality, the refusal of pluralism, the prohibition of criticism and the contempt of the individual. - GUY SORMAN

“Prédicant, leaves your prejudices, would be man, be human, unconstrained and without hope; there leave your gods and your religions; all that is good only to put iron at the hand of the men and the only name of all these horrors more made pour blood on the ground”. Marquis de SADE

To believe a lie, it is not to be easily deceived, it is to have the broad ideas. BLAISE CENDRARS

The time is invented to us by a choice of events so that we subject ourselves to his order. This need for membership, once cultivated, causes in us a daily need for events which prove our collective existence to us. The time then becomes the imaginary representation which guarantees to the company that it exists. - FRANÇOIS BROWN.

If the reason is the compass, passions are the winds - ALEXANDER POPE.

The inhabitants of the ground are divided into two: those which have a brain and not religion, and those which have a religion but not brain. Aboul-Ala AL-MAARI, Syria (Maara), XIème century

“God will never receive the Nobel Prize of peace.”. Jose ARTUR, (XXe century), the thoughts, Seek-midday, 1993

“God is, therefore the man is slave. The man is intelligent, right, free - thus God does not exist. We defy anyone to leave this circle.”.

“There is at the bottom only one definition which is worth: the atheist is one believing become adult”. Thomas CLEANERS jr. (born in 1962), God, the horoscope and other poisons, 2000, published by the author

“I in general do not have a rather high idea of humanity and myself to imagine in particular that God could create us. that would make a quite great cause, for a so small effect! Too much mediocrity everywhere, too much lowness, too much misery, like known as Pascal, and not enough size. How God could have wanted that? To believe in a God it would be sin of pride; atheism is a form of humility. It is to be caught for an animal, as we are indeed, and to leave us the responsibility of become human”. Andre COMTE-SPONVILLE (XXe century), Thought over atheism, Albin Michel, 1999

“God is the shade of the conscience projected on the field of imagination”.

“Whoever speaks to me about God wants some with my purse or my freedom”. Pierre-Joseph PROUDHON (1809-1865), Of justice in the revolution and the church, 1858, Fayard

“Our priests are not what vain people think: Our credulity makes all their science”. François-Marie Arouet, known as VOLTAIRE, (1694-1778), Oedipus, IV, 1 in: Works, Gallimard/Pléiade

“You are already so miserable that you cannot become it more. Which kind of man have to be Europeans? Which species of creature do they choose, to be forced to make the good and having to avoid the evil of another inspiration only the fear of the punishment? (...) The man is not only that which goes upright on his legs, which knows the reading and the writing and to show thousand examples of its industry… In truth my dear brother, I you lime pits of deepest of my heart. Am my council and becomes Huron. I clearly see the deep difference between my condition and holds it. I am the Master of my condition. I am the Master of my body, I have the whole provision of myself, I make what I like, I am the first and the last of my nation, I absolutely do not fear any man, I depend only on the Great mind. It is not the same for you. Your body as well as your heart is condemned to depend on your large captain, your viceroy has you. You do not have freedom to do what you have in the spirit. You are afraid of the robbers, the assassins, the false-witnesses, etc And you depend on an infinity of anybody whose place is located above holds. Isn't this true?” Kondiarionk, Huron chief, being addressed to the baron de Lahontan, French lieutenant in Newfoundland

When the gulls have foot, it is time to transfer.

The ultraone: it is somebody who prefers to eat the last corn grain rather than to plant it.

What the man? It is the animal which does not grow itself stupid, whereas it feeds night and day in the meadow of the silly things. WANGRIN in the strange destiny of Wangrin de Hampaté Bâ

The man lost the capacity to envisage and anticipate - He will end up destroying the ground. Albert Schweitzer.

Look at, my brothers, spring came; the ground received the kisses of the sun and we will see soon the fruits of this love! Each seed is waked up and the same any animal is in life. It is with this mysterious capacity that we must, us also, our existence and this is why we concede with our neighbors, even with our animal neighbors, as much of right than to us to live this ground. However listen to me, my brothers, we must now take into account another race…. small and weak when our fathers met it for the first time, but become tyranic today. Extremely curiously, they have in the spirit the will to cultivate the ground and the love to have is on their premises a disease. These people made laws which the rich person can break but not the poor. They take taxation of the poor and the weak ones to maintain the rich person who control. They assert our mother with all, the ground, for them only and they are barricaded against their neighbors; they it A disfigure with their constructions and their rejects. This nation is as a torrent of molten snow which leaves its bed and destroys all on its passage. We cannot live coast at coast. Seven years ago only we signed a treaty which ensured us that the hunting grounds to the bisons would be left to us for always. They threaten maintenent to take them again. My brothers, must we subject ourselves or must us say to them: “Initially Kill me before taking possession of my fatherland! ” When they cut the last tree, polluted the last brook, fished last fish. Then they will realize that the money is not eaten. Tatanka Yotanka - Sitting Bull, warlike Sioux

the ground (firm) so much worse I would go elsewhere. Return